Spring and Fall 2017

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  • Training
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  • On site courses for your employees or your group, and train the trainer courses for your instructors are available. $70 per hour plus any travel expenses. Freeu furnishes the instructor and the supplies. You furnish the room, any equipment needed, computers, and books.

    This is a PARTIAL list of courses and seminars available:


    blueprint reading
    intro. to CNC

    intro. to electricity
    motor controls (fix 2/3 of your problems with the electricity turned off)
    industrial wiring
    electrical troubleshooting for electricians and HVAC techs

    intro. to power transmissions

    inventory management and shrinkage
    roll your own computer programming
    work, energy, and power

    how to hire the right people from the markets that you are completely missing

    getting USEFUL (non biased) feedback for your company

    process control in current industries

    technical physics
    algebra and trig. for the average person who wants to advance
    technical math (H.S. level)
    fluid mechanics (2 year level)
    thermo. (2 year level)

    word processing
    effective web sites

    quality assurance
    scientific quality control
    statistics for real life
    logistics for your company

    OSHA for construction

    OSHA for manufacturing

    PIT (forklift) training


    identity theft prevention
    calories and weight
    how to take and distribute electronic photographs

    For more information contact the off-site training coordinator at:

    240 skysail rd.
    salisbury, nc 28146